Pockets Of Glory

Welcome to Pockets of Glory, the Lord showed this to me many years ago while several of us were meeting on Friday nights, praying and pressing into more with Him. He revealed to me that when we came into His presence we are filled with Him and His glory and as His sons/daughters we are to go out into this world and release it to others. We are the body, the hands and feet, we should be continuously being filled with His Spirit and releasing it, like pockets.

I am not here to argue doctrine or change anyone’s mind I only wish to share what I have been shown prophetically if it bears witness with you then great, if not, that’s ok too.  Judge it according to the WORD and the SPIRIT. May you be blessed by HIM 🙂 I pray that you feel the Love of the Father always, “perfect Love cast out all fear” . That is my heart for this blog that you feel/receive HIS LOVE.